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Exhibition videos:


Roland Quetsch, Interlude op.1. @ Galerie Bernard Ceysson Wandhaff, 2016


Catalogue Downloads 


Roland Quetsch - Administration des bâtiments publics, 2018


Roland Quetsch - Fragmented mixtape, 2015


Roland Quetsch - l, 2014


Roland Quetsch - Ǝ, 2014


Roland Quetsch - (Out of the dark) 16 Paintings,2013


Roland Quetsch - Billy the Kid, 2012


Roland Quetsch - Recent works, 2012


Roland Quetsch - A vol d'artiste, 2011


Roland Quetsch - (Maison 2, chantier ouvert), 2005






Interview with Isabelle Henrion during the exhibition "Atelier Luxembourg - Making of" at Casino - forum d'art contemporain, 2012. Reference to "Billy the Kid" 2012


Text on the work of Roland Quetsch by Sandra Schwender, 2012



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Roland Quetsch is represented by Ceysson & Bénétière